About Me

Enelay Creative is the identity for Nadia Adona, a photographer and multimedia designer based in the Washington D.C. area. A graduate from the Art Institute of Washington, Nadia began using her powers for good in 2011 by supporting various organizations such as Katsucon, Asia Heritage Foundation, DC Funk Parade, and Black Rose Dagger Films, LLC, along with other cultural, charity, and fandom groups. Nadia also captures intimate life events such as weddings and church events, and enjoys working with individuals and families to photograph their next heirloom portraits.

Nadia’s style gravitates towards motion and color. Her skills shine when photographing the flashing lights of stage performances, martial artists in mid-punch, and the ever changing scene of a festival crowd or protest. Her photojournalistic approach mixes with an artistic eye to communicate a story. This translates to dynamic photography while capturing the subtleties of portraiture and landscapes, the emotions of wedding and infant portraits, and the purposeful intensity of a corporate meeting or workshop.

Each image is given a critical eye through an intensive editing session, ensuring only her best is shown to the public.

When not out and about with a camera to her eye, Nadia can be found exploring local nature spots with her husband and son, gardening on a balcony seven floors off the ground, or walking downtown D.C with her headphones on, plotting to strike off another line item from her photography bucket list.

Enelay Creative Specialties – Stage Performances, Dance/Martial Arts, Night Photography, Natural Light, Weddings, Photojournalism, Landscape/Nature, On-Location Portraiture, Event Coverage, Lifestyle, Corporate